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Virat Kohli against Pakistan : Top 5 Innings

Virat Kohli against Pakistan

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket maestro, has showcased his exceptional batting skills against various opponents throughout his career. When it comes to facing Pakistan, Kohli has delivered some of his most memorable innings, consistently amassing impressive virat kohli scores against Pakistan. In this blog, we will delve into the top 5 innings of Virat Kohli against Pakistan, highlighting his mastery on the cricket field.

183 vs Pakistan, 2012 ODI Asia Cup: 

In a high-pressure Asia Cup match in 2012, Virat Kohli displayed his class and demonstrated his remarkable virat kohli record against Pakistan by scoring an astonishing 183 runs off just 148 balls. Chasing a target of 330, Kohli’s innings included 22 fours and a six, guiding India to a comfortable victory with six wickets to spare.

78 vs Pakistan, 2012 T20 World Cup: 

During the 2012 T20 World Cup, Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 78 off 61 balls played a pivotal role in India’s victory over Pakistan. His innings, where he showcased his exceptional batting skills and added to his tally of most runs against Pakistan in T20 cricket, included eight fours and a couple of maximums, helping India chase down the target of 129 with ease.

107 vs Pakistan, 2015 ODI World Cup: 

In the 2015 ODI World Cup, Virat Kohli’s masterful knock of 107 showcased his exceptional virat kohli runs against Pakistan in ODIs, setting the stage for India’s victory against their arch-rivals. Kohli was the top-scorer for India as they posted a formidable total of 300/7 in their 50 overs. His performance earned him the well-deserved Player of the Match award, underscoring his significance in India’s success against Pakistan in the tournament

49 vs Pakistan, 2016 T20 Asia Cup: 

Despite facing a formidable Mohammad Amir-led bowling attack, Virat Kohli, with his impressive virat kohli record against Pakistan in T20 matches, displayed grit and determination during the 2016 T20 Asia Cup. In a low-scoring game, he played a crucial role in India’s victory, weathering the early storm and scoring 49 runs. Kohli’s resilience and contribution were instrumental in securing the win for India against their fierce rivals.

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77 vs Pakistan, 2019 ODI World Cup: 

During the 2019 ODI World Cup, Virat Kohli’s innings of 77 runs at Old Trafford was a testament to his authority and skill, adding to his impressive virat kohli stats vs Pakistan. While Rohit Sharma starred with a brilliant 140, Kohli played a supporting role, calmly guiding India to a formidable total of 336/5. These innings not only showcase Kohli’s batting prowess but also his ability to perform under pressure against one of India’s fiercest rivals, Pakistan.


Virat Kohli’s top 5 innings against Pakistan demonstrate his exceptional talent, unwavering focus, and ability to perform under immense pressure. Each innings showcased his class, technique, and the ability to take charge of the game. Kohli’s mastery over the craft of batting, contributing significantly to his most runs against Pakistan in all formats, has left an indelible mark on cricketing history, and his performances against Pakistan will be remembered for years to come. As fans, we eagerly await more sensational innings from this cricketing legend in future encounters against Pakistan.

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Virat Kohli against Pakistan

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